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Top posts of 2015

Josh Larsen

At Think Christian, we honor God’s sovereignty over all things by tackling a wide range of topics. Readers once again rewarded that vision by making a diverse set of articles the most popular of 2015.

Our five most-read posts of the year touched on everything from abortion to atheism, and from Twenty One Pilots to pornography. There is also a consideration of same-sex marriage in the mix for good measure. It was a lively year, as you’ll see in the comment threads to these pieces, as well as one of growth for TC as a ministry. Readership has continued to rise, while we’ve also increased our offerings to include free eBooks on creation care and a theology of Star Wars.

Look for more eBooks in 2016, as well as a refreshed TC website. For now, here is review of the articles that reached the most readers this year.

1. Mourning Mark Zuckerberg’s miscarriages in the shadow of Planned Parenthood

“I can’t help but think that the contradictory ideas society holds about unborn children (who are considered babies when wanted and something else when not) owes in part to our tendency to conceive of child bearing as product- rather than process-oriented. The very term reproduction reflects such thinking. Our tendency, even within the church, to think with the product — rather than the means — in mind has dulled our understanding of a crucial distinction between potential life and actual life.” (Karen Swallow Prior)

2. Why I’m not surprised Ryan Bell turned atheist after his year without God

“Faith is a habit and way of life, not a one-time occurrence. I don’t know about you, but what keeps me believing is not intellectual arguments alone but the grace of God through prayer, singing, the preaching of the Word and the communion of saints, both around the Lord’s Supper and the coffee and cookies that follow.” (Branson Parler)

3. The faithful eclecticism of Twenty One Pilots’ Blurryface

“Twenty One Pilots is definitely not a ‘Christian band.’ They are much more exciting than that. They are top-notch, commercially successful, modern pop artists with something powerful and important to say about fear, doubt, anxiety and hope. And they happen to be Christians. How refreshing is that?” (John J. Thompson)

4.Russell Brand on the problem of porn

“Brand’s recent YouTube episode on the harmful biological, psychological and sociological effects of pornography is spot on and remarkably consistent with a sound Christian theology of sex, integrity and community. ‘Our attitudes toward sex have become warped and perverted and have deviated from its true function as an expression of love and a means for procreation,’ Brand says in the video. This should be required viewing for anyone over 13." (John J. Thompson)

5. Uncomfortable baking a cake for a gay wedding? “Bake for them two”

“Christians should be the first people baking cakes — for everyone who asks us. We should be known for our cake baking. People should be saying, ‘There go those crazy Christians again, baking cakes for everyone. They just won’t quit!’ Then, when we share the reason for our wild, all-inclusive love, people will want to hear it.” (Jessica Kantrowitz)

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