Trump and the Transfiguration

Roger Nelson

Roger Nelson
March 1, 2017

We can listen to Trump or his critics. But at the transfiguration, God said to listen to Jesus.

Connie Wilson
March 2, 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this as a devotional today. As we enter the Lent season and get to Easter and the Resurrection, I believe Christians should ponder the cross at this time of the year.

Priscilla Galbraith
March 2, 2017

I loved this commentary today. It is messy out there and I can feel myself becoming more and more upset and angry at the new administration and what to me looks like a spirit so far removed from caring about his creatures and creation as our Father would want us to care.

But you bring us back: to leaning on Jesus' words and spirit - and away from reacting by a descent ourselves into a poor and mean spirit. Thank you!

Jim Robinson
March 4, 2017

Thanks for these words! Very similar--even using some of the same phrases--to the sermon I preached on the same Sunday! It's always good to find confirmation!

BTW, can you identify the painting? I've Googled "Transfiguration Paintings", but can't find it. I thought it would be one of the Sistine Chapel scenes; but couldn't find it there, either.

Josh Larsen
TC Staff
March 4, 2017

In Reply to Jim Robinson (comment #30101)

Hi Jim,

We got the image through Shutterstock, which identifies it as "the mount Tabor fresco in church Santa Maria dell Anima by Francesco Salviati from 16. cent."


Josh Larsen,
TC editor

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