Two shootings, two responses. Which seems more Christian?

Paul Vander Klay

Carole Smith Turner
August 19, 2012

I blogged about these incidents also on my blog, http://www.carolesmithturner.com/2012/08/family-research-counsel-makes-being.html I gave this post credit for the inspiration. Thanks.

Caris Adel
August 19, 2012

I love this...as sad as it is. I caught a bit of the FRC on CNN the other day and ugh. What a good compare and contrast.

August 21, 2012


Only two responses? He might want to read the article above by a Sikh advocate. Not exactly turning the other cheek...but I don't fault the reaction or fault her faith like Paul Vander Clay did when judging the FRC. Not my place.

Gina Dalfonzo
September 4, 2012

Paul and Carole, three questions: Do you deny that the SPLC labeled the Family Research Council a hate group? Do you think they had valid reasons for applying that label? And if not, do you think neither FRC nor anyone else has the right to point these things out?

September 4, 2012

We are not defined by what others say out us, we are defined by what we say. "hate group" is a term that's being used as a political/legal/social hand grenade. I'm a subscriber to the Heidelberg Catechism which says "we have a natural tendency to hate God and our neighbor." Assuming I'm part of the human race I belong to a "hate group" I suppose.

In the US we have the "right" to say what we want. My understanding of the mission (broadly speaking) of the "Family Research Council" is to bear a Christian witness. My assumption is that the FRC is supposed to be adapt at sending public messages. My impression based on the press reporting at the time was that the Sihk Temple made statements that even in their grief were well aligned with Jesus' words and actions while he was a victim of his own people. A few years ago the Amish I think also presented a clear and compelling Christian witness at the shooting in one of their schools.

In pondering the assault on the FRC while the Sihk shooting was still in the news I was struck by the juxtaposition.

Part of what I believe the gospel affords us is the capacity to be comfortable with our own failures. We are not rescued and loved on the basis of our performance, but rather by the disposition and actions of God in Christ on our behalf. I assume the FRC knows this as well. pvk

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