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Welcome Edirin Ibru

Edirin Ibru

Hello everyone!  My name is Edirin Ibru, and I’m a new blogger here at Think Christian!  Since close to none of you out there in the vast and seemingly endless world wide web know who I am, and yet will be indulging in my most up to date journalistic and literary efforts, I thought it only fair to give you folks out there in Internet Land a little slice of the stacked and multilayered individual that is... ME!  Edirin Ibru!

I quickly decided that the best way to start things off would be to give myself a little introduction (check), give you a lesson in pronouncing my name: “Eh-dee-rin, EE-brew” (check), and list off a few things you should probably know about me for the sake of giving more context to some of the material you may encounter in my blogs in times to come.

I am a London born (that’s London, UK, not Ontario, for you Canucks out there) Nigerian (West Africa) who, by a twist of fate, ended up studying in the American school system for a whopping 15 years and counting.

I did not grow up within the Christian Reformed tradition (I’m Anglican), and do not identify myself with the Christian Reformed Church.  However, this month will mark my ninth year anniversary of being closely affiliated with the CRC, as I have spent the entirety of my high school and college years attending their services in both Nigeria and the United States.  So, if my Christian point of view my seem little different or strangely unique, now you have an idea why.

I will graduate (fingers crossed) from Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI with a B.A. Honors in Philosophy under the Prelaw program and a minor in Studio Art.

I have far too many passions than is appropriate or convenient for one person.

I’m am: A music buff A film buff A Sci-fi/fantasy buff A comics buff A video game buff ...And yeah, some days I’d like to think I’m physically buff too.

I’m also a drummer of 9 years and have been a pencil artist since the age of 3.

When the atmosphere calls for it, I absolutely LOVE being the Devil’s Advocate; and in the case of writing for Think Christian, we might all have to take that statement quite literally!  Ah, what good times we have ahead!

Well, at this point I’d say you all probably know me as well as my mother does!  I’ve revealed so much about me I think I may be starting to get a little self-conscious!

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