What Europe’s dogs can teach us

Jeff Munroe

David Rupert
September 1, 2011

I think we have too many dogs, they are neglected, overfed and not exercised enough. 

In other places, people prize their dogs. Here, we spend their whole lives slowly killing them

September 1, 2011

In Finland going to university is paid for.They have social programs in Europe that would be branded communist by a guy like Romney.What he will not tell you is that the countries with social programs are all doing fine.
The people are happy,as you say.Even the dogs are relaxed.
Obama has a target on his back because he attempted to bring in universal health care.The insurance companies did not want to see that happen at any cost.They make far too much money.Peoples health come second.
Europe is the whipping boy for corporate America.Greece is in bad shape because of corruption and rampant tax evasion.....sound familiar.
Romney and the like bash the government but still accept all the benifits that the US government gives.He gets free health care as an elected politician.
Proverbs 17:5. "He who mocks the poor shows contempt for their maker."

Phil Ebersole
September 1, 2011


September 1, 2011

"The insurance companies did not want to see that happen at any cost.They make far too much money.  Peoples health come second."
Jay, how do you know that?  No really...how do you know that to be true?  Citation?  Research you have done?  Actual conversations with all the insurance companies?  

I'm just curious, because we all really need to quit throwing cliches and broad stereotypes around and deal with actual, albeit complex, facts.  

You may be right about all the insurance companies.  But when you get to the bottom of it all, I don't think you really know that for sure

Ben DeVries
September 1, 2011

Jeff, this was a great post, thanks. I'm an MK from Holland myself. Though I've been back in the States for 15+ years now, my parents only recently returned, and I think we would all second what you wrote about Dutch culture being more family oriented and less work-obsessed. I'm also a big animal fan, and administrate a nonprofit effort and blog called Not One Sparrow, a Christian voice for animals. best wishes, Ben DeVries (Kenosha, Wisconsin)

September 2, 2011

People have had to sell their homes to pay medical expenses.Cut prescription pills in half to stretch them out.I have spoken to people who would do anything to get affordable/government healthcare.
Michael Moore did a great movie on the subject.You could rent it out and start your own investigation.

September 14, 2011

I take issue with the statement that they do a better job of making beverages out of grains and grapes. Particularly regarding the grains part in Germany where the Reinheitsgebot limited interesting developing methods for centuries.

Back to the topic at hand now.

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