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What's a Top Comment anyway?

Josh Larsen

How much do we value your participation at Think Christian? Enough to build a unique feature specifically tailored to sharing your contributions.

We're calling it Top Comments, and it's a new way to highlight the good conversation that takes place among readers and contributors. We'll be selecting what we feel are the best comments made on our articles, according to our Discussion Guidelines. These Top Comments will appear in various places across Think Christian. On the home page, we'll feature a handful that are drawn from all our current articles. In addition, each category home page - listing all the articles in Business & Economics, for instance - will list the Top Comments made in that category.

How do you submit a Top Comment? Simply comment on any article on the site. If we feel it adds something especially unique and valuable to the topic at hand - even if it's in opposition to the viewpoint of the article itself - we'll feature it as Top Comment right alongside the article and in the other areas of the site already mentioned.

Because of our transition to the new site, all previous Think Christian commenters will need to confirm their existing account. An e-mail should have been sent to you with instructions for doing that, but if you didn't receive it, you can also confirm your account here. First-time commenters can register below or at the bottom of any article.

As a bonus, those readers whose contributions are selected as a Top Comment will be eligible for a drawing to win a Think Christian t-shirt or other prize. So make your next comment a Top one.

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