Who is Ted Cruz?

Julia K. Stronks

Julia K. Stronks
March 30, 2015

When considering Ted Cruz as a presidential candidate, we must assess if his rhetoric aligns with the Bible's instructions for political rulers.

John Kaufmann
March 31, 2015

While I agree with much of what Julia has to say about Cruz, I am uneasy with a couple of assertions that seem to be hyperbole in and of themselves. I do not think that a person who wants secure national borders has anything to do his attitude on global poverty, and his commitment to Israel does not necessarily translate to lack of sympathy to the plight of the Palestinians. The plight of the Palestinians was going on long before Israel became a state, and is currently exacerbated by adjacent Arab states as much or more than by Israel.

Roger Wiers
March 31, 2015

Thanks for your thoughts. I wish more people would realize that Christian is not a snynonym for Tea Party Conservative. I am often embarassed at my Christianity when talking politics. Christians in Indiana need to do some serious thinking about the Biblical ideas on justice.

April 1, 2015

Some good observations in this article. But your bias did show. Christians like Ted Cruz need to be encouraged to enter the political world with a Christian world-view, even though it may not match everyone's world-view. He has the courage to take a stand on critical issues that deeply affect our nation and the world that God ultimately governs.

Julia Stronks
April 6, 2015

Thanks, everyone, for your thoughts. I always appreciate hearing from people whether or not they agree with what I write. I do think that the key to limiting undocumented residents rests in finding out why they come into the country. Unlawful immigration decreases when poverty lessens.

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