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Why Elective Surgery Got Me Thinking About Prayer Priorities

Jerod Clark

Several weeks ago, I wrote about some experiences from a recent trip to India.  The part I didn’t mention was the main reason for the trip was to get Lasik eye surgery.  Many of you are probably having the same reaction as our friends and family thinking my wife and I were crazy for doing such a thing.  But we’d worked out the numbers and it was far cheaper and the technology was newer than at lots of places in the states.  (Plus we’d had friends who’d done the same thing and had a great experience.)

While others worried for us, Sarah and I were never really concerned.  We had complete faith that God would take care of us.  Better yet, we believed God’s will would be done.  If the surgery was a bad idea, we trusted God to close doors blocking the trip.  If there were to be complications, then it was part of God’s plan for our lives.

It’s not a new thing for me to put complete faith in God’s provision.  And honestly, it’s not the first ,and won’t be the last time, I’ve prayed some selfish prayers.  What did make this experience different was the fact that Lasik surgery was a completely voluntary decision.  It wasn’t a life saving procedure.  I wasn’t required to do it.  It was optional.

I remember sitting in this small room next to the one where the surgery was going to take place.  I had been prepped for the surgery and I was sitting there by myself having to keep my eyes closed.  It was all I could do to keep from crying.  The reality of having eye surgery set in.  Eyes are fragile.  Seeing is something I’m accustomed to.  Why would I risk it?  Yet at that moment, my one comfort was God was with me.

I’m happy to report all is well and recovery continues as it’s supposed to (at least that’s what I’m told).  Thanks to God for his protection and his guidance of our surgeon, Dr. Vipin Buckshey.

When was the last time you fully put your trust in God doing something you really didn’t need to do?  How did it work out?  Is it weird to think praying for something in your life that isn't forced on you or isn't a crisis has any different priority to God?  Isn’t it what God wants us to do in bringing all of our life issues to Him?

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