Why Obama is like Bush (and both are like Pilate)

Branson Parler

Esther Aspling
June 17, 2013

I hope I can myself not be held at bay by the powers that be. That I'd be able to think and move freely to do what is right.


June 18, 2013

"Especially with respect to issues like the war on terror, torture, Guantanamo Bay and use of drones, Obama appears to be Bush redux."

Mind clarifying or supporting that a bit more? Particularly the "torture" charge. I'd grant the first item, quibble on the third, and go further on the last, but the second is a bit more charged as an accusation.

And I take your point: politics, ultimately, is about keeping power, so the differences between parties or ideologies or even between forms of government (?) are relatively inconsequential. But still, to retort to Augustine, there are slaves and then there are "slaves." The king and the servant don't eat at the same table.

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