Worship on Vacation

Steven Koster

July 8, 2009

I work for the government and traveled alot in the past years. I always made an effort to stop at churches in the area I was in. I went out of a feeling of wanting to be closer to God and I was never disappointed in what I found. I would even ask those who were with me to come with me. Some did and some did not, but I never went to any church thinking it strange, they all had their own way of giving to others in the name of Christ Jesus. Thanks, in God's Grace John

July 8, 2009

Same here. I am an Indian national residing in Kuwait. When I go on leave to Mumbai, my home town or any other part of India, I try and attend the local church. Yes, we are one body and I love worshipping our God with the other members of the body.

July 12, 2009

When I first became a Christian, I didn't feel comfortable attending church anywhere except "my" church. The biggest reason was my extreme shyness. But the practical reason was concern for being exposed to unusual doctrines. I had been "stalked" by a Christian cult in college, and that experience made me very wary of the unknown. Now, 6 years later, I feel more confident in my ability to rely on God to keep me safe. I understand that I don't have anything to be afraid of, because Jesus is on my side. Now I just need to take a vacation. *grin*

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