Would you vote for an atheist?

Alex Bersin

Alex Bersin
August 12, 2015

Those opposed to an atheist president might be surprised at how God has distributed His authority throughout history.

Jerry Brown
August 12, 2015

A leader who claims to believe in God has not pledged to obey Him. As we have seen even committed Christians have differing views as to governing. Often a leader can be evaluated by the advisors and close friends who will influence that leaders choices. I struggle more with the problem of integrity than proclaimed faith. Even a change in a stand can be supported by the rationale for change, but deception has no excuse.

Doug Vande Griend
August 16, 2015

Some atheists or agnostics have a perspective about the purpose and role of government that is much more consistent with a Christian/reformed worldview than some Christians. Certainly, I'd vote for the atheist where that was the choice.

Frankly, were those that predominantly decide about the political advocacy and public expressions of my own denomination on the ballot, I wouldn't vote for them.

September 11, 2015

Good evening
To all the question is would you vote for an atheist my answer would be no no no never. I found out long time ago that we have had many president and other political people that did not believe in Christ. I stop voting when I was in my twenties I love me some me and I love me some Jesus.

Jesus said that their will come a time that his people will be prosecuted for his name sake. I new a man that was and atheist and he was on his dying bed and before he left here he had said oh my God what have I done and then he died.

There is nothing in this world that would make me turn my back on God because my soul aren't worth me going to hell to please a person of wrong doing. I respect people decision some of us are foolish enough to vote I respect that I just hope that one can respect my reason for not to voting for a atheist.

Adrienne Jones
February 23, 2016

I would say that many people voting on the Religious Right recommendations probably already have.

It is a cheap and easy thing to identify oneself as a Christian in the American political sphere. As long as we aren't assessing candidates by their actions and motives, we're probably voting for people who AT BEST serve to masters.

The greed and corruption and corporate favoritism in contemporary politics continuously injure the people Jesus charged Christians to watch over- the orphan, the widow, the alien, children, the injured, prisoners, and the broken. Yet every election we line up to vote for the same candidates sponsored and put forward by the systems that exploit those very populations for gains from the public treasury.

Read Jesus in the Gospels (using good footnotes to explain the Old Testament references and historical context) and see that our Christ is far from our politics.

I don't believe that most of the politicians up for our highest office have any real faith or fear of a Christian God. And if they're willing to lie about their faith, what would be sacred to them.

I would rather vote for an atheist than a hypocrite who rides on the backs of the poor.

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