Not Being God’s Friend/Fan on Facebook

Jerod Clark

Beth Sanders
April 21, 2009

Thanks. I didn't become a fan of God either. Not that I'm not IRL ... I just think it's ... icky.

Lyla Lindquist
April 21, 2009

I'd have to agree. When I logged in to Facebook today, I saw in my newsfeed that I had friends that along with becoming fans of God and the Gospel (yeah, there's that one too), they also became fans of bendy straws and trampolines. I'm not sure I want to suggest God is in that same league nor that my commitment to Him is as enduring as bendy straws.

April 21, 2009

I've become a fan of lots of things on facebook, but i've resisted becoming a fan of God/Jesus. Not because they aren't important enough but because they are too important. It seems to cheapen faith to put god in between your favorite band and favorite food.

April 21, 2009

Thanks for this. I rolled my eyes when I saw it on Facebook. People are so shallow.

April 21, 2009

I agree, and even did the same thing... rolled my eyes and raised my voice a the computer, "Why would people do THAT?" In this case, I would have to say that putting God in a category, on a FB page, is just not respectful to the Lord of our lives. He died for us, can't we figure out how to share that with others other than just becoming a 'fan of God.' A fan is someone who likes something at the time, but that can easily change if something unfortunate happens. The statement that being a 'fan' seems to make is: "look at me, I am not like somebody else, I actually like God" but that is more focused on 'me' rather than on God where our focus should be.

It is better to ask God to show himself in our actions and speech on facebook, rather than a 'fan page' and nothing else. Didn't God do way more for us than just create a 'I'm God and I am a fan of my creation' page? Shouldn't we at least spend some more time doing a little bit more, in our effort to be more and more like Jesus, our Savior?

April 21, 2009

thank goodness, now I don't need to feel guilty every time I'd see those christian-fan pages and think that is so ridiculous.

April 22, 2009

i think it's really an issue of upholding God's glory and holiness. declaring being a fan of God on facebook does not, i believe give the Lord Almighty His due. i recall the journey of the Israelites towards the Promised Land and see how jealous the Lord is of His glory and honor and holiness. it makes me cringe what we do today...

the question we need to answer..."But really, as Christians, can’t we send a better message?"

all glory to the Lord !

April 22, 2009

I agree with you in that if you want to get close to God and Jesus you start with family and friends, then find that church where you are comfortable. Start a Sunday school class and maybe a bible study group at your home or a friends home. Read your bible and through faith step out to bring more to God and Jesus. I have facebook, and talk to family and friends about God, but I would not use it strickly to gather others. Then you said as Christians, that is another subject we need to talk about. I saw a professed Christian cover religous symbols when giving a speech. If you are a Christian then follow Christ and show everyone the example given by Christ. Bring one more to the table. In God's Grace John

April 22, 2009

Is this any worse than saying "I believe in God" or "I love God" or even "God Bless America" with only a vague, sentimental, or distorted idea of what it means?

April 22, 2009

I hear you but is it any different than wearing a Christian T-shirt or a WWJD Bracelet, or a "Jesus" bumper sticker on your car?

April 22, 2009

No, it isn't any worse than people talking about "God Bless America" — so we should be just as disgusted when people that play that game as well.

April 22, 2009

I am in only partial agreement. Personally I do not see the problem in joining the "Friend/Fan of God" page. However, if that is all you are going to do, then you are not professing the faith and spreading the gospel as we are called to do. On the flip side, this page also allows you to converse with other Christians around the world about your faith. You can also learn new, exciting, and intriguing ways to talk to those that are not living with God. We are called to build the Kingdom of God as the Body of Christ. As a military member, I have learned that no job or mission is completed by one single person. The mission of building God's kingdom is not done individually either. So, why is it that we feel that we can't join a group or page that allows us to communicate and fellowship with other Christians who are striving for the same end result?

Pam Marino
April 22, 2009

I also passed on becoming a fan or God, Jesus, and even the Apostle Paul! Part of my thinking has something to do with my non-Christian Facebook friends. I know they will roll their eyes and get their defenses up when they see me joining groups like this. I do post invitations to church-related events. I want them to approach me with questions, and I think this will happen if I'm not coming off as "super religious."

April 22, 2009

No one has mentioned that this is becoming a fan of someone perception of God. That perception is far less than God. When will we learn that our perception of God is not God.

April 22, 2009

At least this is a fan page and not a friend profile. It would be awfully disheartening if you put in a request and God didn't "friend" you back.

April 22, 2009

I won't be adding myself as a fan of God on Facebook, but I will be sharing this blog entry.

Robin Richards
April 23, 2009

Good Points! I saw this too on FB and had seen some of my Christian friends become a part of it. It's so silly, really, like you say, God deserves better. Like I posted on my last 2 days on my blog; the questions are Where's your fruit? If you are seriously sold-out for Christ, it's gonna reflect out of every area of your page, your blog, your everything. We become like Christ, when we start actiong accordingly, taking on His Christ-like Characteristics. I know sooo many Christians who are lukewarm; I was there once too, but thank God for His Presence in my life that has turned my world upside down, and all I want to do is live for Him! -at least that is my main goal. Hope you can stop by and say Hi too. Hugs and blessings, Robin :)

April 28, 2009

Yes, God deserves the best! So choose among FB, Orkut, MySpace etc! If He is not there, prepare the way of the Lord! If there are two or more assembled in faith to worship, our Lord responds with His presence.

Pauline Amondi
May 5, 2009

yes i think it isn't right to do the whole 'God fan page " and all, it is just a means to show that the believers are not being left out withj the upcoming "cool" things of the tymes. But it may still be a good idea to come up with one that would help to build guyz in their faith and also others who do not know about God.

May 10, 2009

In my opinion, becoming a "fan" of God really reflects nothing on my life. It may look good to the other people that see that I've become His "fan", but I could easily portray that on Facebook, yet live my life in a way that reflects the opposite.

No one can really know what God means to you unless they see you living it in your daily life. If I was to become a fan, it's an easy out, a way to avoid saying what should already be obvious in my life.

July 6, 2009

On just seeing this, the first thought that came to my mind is that the person who listed the "God' F/B was most likely young in spirit. It may have been well intentioned, but ultimatly is sending the wrong image to others. As a new believer, our view of spiritual things is tainted by our current view of the world and has not had the time (experiance) to learn of "Kingdom" knowledge. Patience friends.
Truth as a new believer will utimately be replaced through the spirits guidance with-in. Love and if not act as if you do.

August 3, 2009

Hit the site myself. But, I didn't feel the same. Shocked at what I saw, and responded so. But, again, I disagree. This is not a site for christians to share their love of God amongst themselves, but to share it to those who are lost.

Has it helped? Only God knows. . . . May it only be another way to reach out to those, who may be reaching out? Why would a non-believer even seek the God Fan if he wasn't seeking?

June 25, 2010

I agree. I have given in to being all to "preachy" on Facebook. Thanks for the reminder that our God is so much bigger than that.

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