Stewardship of sports viewing

Jeff Munroe

October 7, 2011

I have a man cave too. Its called a library. I have been building it for 40 years and every month I add a few more volumes. I would rather spend an hour in prayer than an hour wasted in front of the TV watching other people exercise. Sports has become the safe language of preachers. Always guaranteed to get a response or laugh and so much more motivating than spiritual things. In the minds of so many pastors, women equal art, poetry, ballet and worship songs, men equal football. In reality, prayer, Bible study and worship is fun. Not just rewarding, like taking cod liver oil, but really fun. So sad. “I think Jesus would say that the exhilaration we feel watching a sporting event is a foretaste of the abundant life he promised”. There is more than a foretaste available right now if we will turn off and tune in.

October 7, 2011


You definitely put a smile on my face today with your imagery and what is that if not good stewardship. 

I was picturing Jesus in your Man Den whispering "Go Lions" when I realized he should be cheering for the Christians. Historically it was the Christians who usually lost to the Lions, didn't they? But perhaps even The Lions can be redeemed.  :-)

More on topic, I like the way sports give men (and women too) in a community an excuse to get together for some bonding time, whether it is out of the house or in the "man cave". We all need friends. 

The man cave also works just fine for movie night with the girls or for the kids to hone their Jedi skills with friends. The man cave has been invaded. ;-)

When we tend and nurture our personal relationships, that is good stewardship. Sports Viewing can be an excellent tool to further those often neglected opportunities to reach out to people who are alone or self isolating. Share your Man Cave.

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