Sufjan Stevens’ Piercing Javelin

Joel Mayward

Joel Mayward
October 31, 2023

Sorrow and suffering underline Stevens’ latest album, even as it acknowledges that the greatest of these is love.

John Prentice
November 1, 2023

I do not understand what is meant to be filtered through a Biblical or Christian Worldview. The artist claims to be a Christian natives in sin and rebellion to God as an open homosexual. Homosexuality is absolutely unbiblical and contrary to any Biblical, Christian doctrine or theology. No truly regenerate believer in Christ can forward this man or his music until he repents of his sin of homosexuality, agrees with God that homosexuality is a sin, confesses his sin openly and declares Christ as his Lord.
The only way to "Think Christian", about this man or his music is to lovingly, yet without wavering, his sin and need of the forgiveness of God through repentance and faith in Christ and his turning away from homosexuality and a homosexual lifestyle. Currently, their is nothing Christian or of Christ about this man, his music, or this article. Thinking as a Christian means thinking like scripture and this man Nd article are neither.

Josh Larsen
TC Staff
November 1, 2023

Hi John, TC editor Josh Larsen here. Thanks for your comment. At Think Christian, we cover pop culture that has been created by folks of all different backgrounds, faiths, and perspectives, because we recognize that all of culture falls beneath God's sovereignty and that by his common grace, all are capable of creating beautiful things worthy of Christian consideration. (https://thinkchristian.net/about) Just as each of us are sinners in need of God's grace, so are the writers, artists, creators, and musicians whose work we engage and reflect on. (As to your particular concern, Christians have come to a variety of theological conclusions on the topic. The position of TC’s parent denomination, the Christian Reformed Church in North America, can be found here: https://www.crcna.org/welcome/beliefs/position-statements/homosexuality ). Following the Reformed tradition that we’re a part of, we do not attempt to “baptize” popular culture, but rather recognize that we sometimes see glimpses of God’s truth in unlikely places. Thanks again for your interest in TC.

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