Abercrombie, 'Jersey Shore' and protecting the Christian brand

Caryn Rivadeneira

August 19, 2011

I love today's post. If only I could start a list but there would be days I would have to put my own name on it too.

My daughter's observation that I love to quote is "So they stand at the front of the church and declare that they love Jesus when the real question should be... 'So what are you going to do about it?'"

It is easy to love God. He doesn't wake you up asking for a bed for the night or needing a ride or to borrow your lawnmower. He asks for everything but gives everything in return.

The second part about loving your neighbours as yourself. That is harder.
The lawnmower is easy. 

Hypothetically though... What if the neighbour asked you for the Truth about a serious family secret that involved both families from decades earlier and being a branded Christian he/she offered forgiveness?

We've probably all watched too many crime shows to jump into that one with both feet too quickly. "Can't I just feed the starving in Africa?" 

Would you even trust that your neighbour was motivated by Christian values? Should it matter if he/she wasn't? 

We know what Jesus would do. Could we love that neighbour as ourselves and give them the Truth so they could find closure? Or, would we adopt the modern 21st century paranoia of legalistic issues and circle the wagons around your family secret in favour of silence? How deep is your Christian Brand? 

The hypothetical situation makes digging up extra cans for the food bank seem easy doesn't it? 

August 19, 2011

I hear what you are saying Caryn and I agree...to a point. I had every reason to reject Christ. I was raised in a fundamentalist church, I saw the worst excesses of small mindedness. I argued with eager young apologists, mocked their warped view of science and creationism. Yet, when living on my own, after extensive reading of several religious texts from different religious traditions plus a Philip's translation of the New testament, I fell in love with Jesus. I knew in my spirit he was real and late one night, alone in my apartment, I gave my life to Jesus and was born again. A funny thing happened, I developed an affection for those I formerly mocked. They may not be articulate or bright and may even misrepresent the brand in their cock-eyed zeal, but they love the Savior and so do I. I am so glad the hound of heaven pursues us. Yes, let's represent the brand as best we can but let's also acknowledge that we are saved by grace.

August 19, 2011

You missed the interview last night on The Joy Behar Show with they young girl who exposed the dark side of Jersey Shore.She left the show after being bullied and typecast into a person that she really is not.Her mother can`t watch it and turns the channel.There may be alot of truth in that company wanting to stay clear of that show.
If your really concerned about protecting the "Christian brand," a better starting point would be politicians that claim to be Christians.One minute they are "praying",the next labeling poor/unfortunate people horrible names and threatening to take away their healthcare and cut off funding to social programs.

Caryn R
August 22, 2011

Thanks for your comments. Just want to mention that I wasn't meaning to target any particular group of Christians. In my experience, Christians on the Far Right, the Far Left and any where else along the spectrum have been guilty of acting or speaking love. This isn't something that is directed at one segment alone. 



Jason Stambaugh
August 22, 2011

The problem with managing the Christian "brand" is that there is no mechanism for brand control. Every church body has drawn its own lines in the sand. Denominations offer some official channels to manage "the message", but by in large church marketing is handled on a person to person basis. Every person has a unique story about God, Jesus, and the church. To manage this though seems to be very unchristian. It is the stories that people tell that offer us a window into what God is doing to change the world.

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