Alec Baldwin & online fellowship

Adele Gallogly

Nancy Hammond
December 8, 2011

As a fellow not-going-to-admit-I'm-a-Words-With-Friends-addict addict, I must say that at first it lured me in. I had too many games going at once and it was taking up too much of my leisure time. However, as the months have flown by, I've lessened it up a bit and try to only play one game per person. And to me, yes, it's another way to get to know someone (via the chat feature) a little better. The more people I connect with on a daily basis, whether I mention Jesus or not, the better. I hope that I'm showing people that a Jesus Freak, like me, knows how to have fun. And throwing in a Jesus word here or there is a way to evangelize and score points! <br><br>Nancy

December 9, 2011

I admit that I am a little wary of "with friends" games so while I am a scrabble addict (with real wooden pieces), I have never signed up for "Words with Friends". I am also wary of games with in-app token purchases. What are they for? <br><br>I'm not sure but I suspect the idea of sitting in bed in my PJ's playing "Word's with Friends" with Alec Baldwin might just break a commandment somewhere. 0:-)

December 10, 2011

I play the game on my phone, but I have been waiting a chance to repeat John Hodgman's line about this -- I play SCRABBLE with OPPONENTS.

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