Black Panther and our impatience for shalom

Vincent Bacote

Vincent Bacote
May 12, 2016

Vincent Bacote reflects on waiting for shalom, be it here on earth or in Black Panther's fictional kingdom of Wakanda.

May 13, 2016

50 or so years ago I read of a kingdom in Africa. Ruled with strength and wisdom, and steeped in technology rather than superstition as African countries were commonly portrayed. Of course it was fictional but the Wakandan idea showed that Blacks did not have to be shown in only a negative light. It was one of the reasons I, as a young Black boy gravitated to Marvel comics rather than DC. I took my son and daughter to see CACW last Saturday and we talked afterwards about vengeance, justice, and heroic sacrifice, which ultimately will be completely fulfilled when Yeshua returns.

May 14, 2016

Very thoughtful article. The part of willpower is noted, but the flipside is you must make the attempt too change, but trust in God to perform the transformation. Gwes,I had three same discussions with my older children I took to the movie. I didn't read comics growing up so this was my first introduction too Black Panther. I look forward to his stand alone movie. It was nice seeing a strong black male with nobility, but strustruggles with base emotions such as vengeance, but ultimately realizes what a dead end it is. I'm glad they didn't make him into a caricature or cipher.

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