Dear Abby and Jesus as advice columnist

Caryn Rivadeneira

January 24, 2013

Love this line, Caryn - " Instead of leaving folks nodding along thinking, 'That makes sense,' He left crowds scratching their heads." Why yes, yes he did.

I also like how you point out that the Bible is not just a book of instructions on how to live, but is "a book intended to draw us closer to God." I'd go even further, though, and say that the Bible is not designed to instruct us on how to live, unless we mean that the only way to truly live is by Christ living in us and through us. And that is what leads me to such strong agreement with you on the Bible's actual purpose being to show us God in the first place.


Stanley Groothof
January 29, 2013

Good thoughts! I've said before somewhat tongue-in-cheek, somewhat seriously: "The Bible doesn't give us all the answers; it preserves all the good questions." (I wish I made that up myself, but I didn't. Sadly, I don't remember where I read it.) Stan

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