False Intelligence

Michael Geertsma

July 15, 2010

Good stuff, Mike! I'm not familiar with White... but these questions are bouncing in my head. Is it wrong for White (among others) to share his "frustrated personality" is such an imaginative way? Does having a strong contrarian voice present during any discussion actually foster deeper thinking? And... Where is the line between intellect and creativity? It seems that Paul Brunick is critical of White's use of intellect, but would we (could we) criticize his use of creativity?

C.E. Moore
July 9, 2011

There is this phenomenon and there is also the phenomenon of being drawn into sensationalist output. We may have some psychological need to have our point-of-view agreed upon, but people, by nature, are also drawn towards controversy--sometimes controversy that does not matter. 

A contrarian opinion is sometimes evidence of thoughtful engagement. Sometimes, it is evidence of a smart, snarky, disagreeable writer. I've witnessed both and either way, controversy brews and the cycle continues. 

In the end, I wonder if these conversations have more to do with who is engaging in them. If it is intellectuals and morons, the conversation will look much different than if it is only intellectuals or only morons. 

C.E. Moore 
Cogito | Credo 

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