Giving new voice to an apology no one heard

Chris Meehan

Kelly McGlade
December 20, 2012

My Grandfather & Great Grandmother traveled The Trail Of Tears, forced from our Land. My Great Grandmother was raped & beaten by white men along the whole trail & eventually her eye was taken during one of the attacks. My Grand father, a very young boy at the time & after continuous beatings for trying to protect his mother, in the end of their journey to Oklahoma, my Papa then around age 14, found the man who put his mother's eye out in a Barbers Shop Chair & cut the mans throat with a Barber's Razor.
Because of the US Government's Take Over of our People's Land, any History of our Families from the 1800's have been completely Lost, how do they say their Sorry & Mean It after so many years of continued loss... The 1st page of this Apology to Our People Should have been the 1st Bold Word's Written, 60 something pages?..

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