Holy Atheist Batman!

JR. Forasteros

JR. Forasteros
August 21, 2018

In a recent issue of the classic comic, Bruce Wayne declares he doesn’t believe in God, only Batman. But does that prove to be enough?

August 21, 2018

Great article but the headline is a little misleading. Yes, Bruce shares his family’s belief, him wrestling with that belief in light of tragedy, and sharing his disbelief... but the story arc is more of a story of how he has grown into understanding “Batman is not God.” Which I feel like could be an opening to a belief in a different kind of transcendence. Tom King even posted on Twitter , “Lot of people saying Batman 53 (which I wrote) shows Batman is an atheist. That’s not how I read that comic. But I don’t think my reading of it is the most important one. Anyway, I hope you read the whole thing for yourself and decide for yourself.”
I fully agree with your statement that Comics is a great place to reflect on belief, faith and God. Thanks for your work Think Christian, keep up the good work.

August 22, 2018

Phenomenal! We need more of this in seminary! You've brought Job to life and Batman to humanity. Thank you from a 65 year old pastor raised on DC and Marvel.

December 28, 2018

Yes, this is good work! I appreciate you stearing clear of black and white answers and analyzing stories in a way that is open to mystery and continued seeking. Afterall, we’re told we will find what it is we seek in the end...if we keep searching.

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