Julia: Sesame Street’s New Image-Bearer

Mark Stephenson

Mark Stephenson
April 3, 2017

Julia, a Sesame Street character with autism, reminds us that God often works through those whom society ignores.

April 6, 2017

2 years ago I would not have expected to see so much acceptance of autistic people to just be themselves, and have people change for them so they could fit in.
I've been a part of the autistic community since I was diagnosed 8 years ago. I remember those days when the media would only portray autism as a burden to families and the child as having no hope at having an independent life. Hardly any information on autistic adults. We had to spread that awareness ourselves.
How things have changed and I'm glad Think Christian are supporting that diversity too.
I know I don't often agree with some of these articles but I just wanted to say I appreciate this one.
It's great that Sesame Street have created an autistic character that has the level of differences that relate to autistic children at that age. At 31 I've been able to leave a couple of those traits behind. But there was a day when I would not even look at people, would not share with them or even gave the slightest hint I knew they entered the room. It was thought I had hearing problems because I never responded to my name being called and kids at school thought I was deaf. It surprised me that kids would get excited after I said like 3 words to them. I didn't originally have that desire.

Anyway, I should leave it here. Thanks again.

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