Justified and the limits of law

Josh Pease

Esther Aspling
March 25, 2013

I'm not much for this kind of show, but the synopsis you've given makes it very appealing.

It's so true how many of us hide behind our position rather than deal with what's behind our mask.


Joshua Pease
March 25, 2013

Esther, Justified definitely isn't for everyone - it can be pretty violent - but there's some interesting ideas floating behind the scenes ... and the writing/characters are amazing.

Thanks for commenting!

March 25, 2013

"And it’s the poor in spirit who might find the kingdom of Heaven, not the pharisaical protectors of the law."

I don't watch much of this sort of program either, but I think this insight is critical in appreciating one of the profoundest mysteries in how God draws some of us to Him. It reminds me of that parable Jesus tells the Pharisee Simon in Luke 7, where the woman (a known sinner) has just anointed Jesus' feet with costly perfume (much to Simon's chagrin, of course). He talks about a king who forgives two debtors, one who owes considerably more than the other. Jesus helps Simon understand through this parable that sinners who recognize the magnitude of the debt against them and yet know that it has been cancelled receive it all the more gratefully.

As I like to say, sometimes God gives an unlikely spiritual "advantage" to the criminals of the world. Because they KNOW they deserve judgment, the experience of salvation for them is often far sweeter than it might be otherwise...and their repentance more genuine, and their witness more powerful.

Joshua Pease
March 27, 2013

Thanks for your thoughts!

There was a heavy theme of exactly this in last night's episode - it wasn't just Ellen May the prostitute but also Shelby/Drew the on-the-run murderer who found something close to salvation (ESPECIALLY Ellen May, who basically outlined what salvation looks like - it was beautiful).

Anyway, there's a sense that all these characters are so deeply broken and need of saving, and it's the ones who have hit rock bottom - drug-addicted prostitute, finally-caught fugitive - who realize it.

I think the spiritual advantage you describe is "blessed are the poor in spirit" ... or those who have spiritually hit bottom and get more than the rest of us that they have nothing to offer. These people get that unmerited mercy isn't just a beautiful idea - it's our only hope.

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