Lars and the Real Girl go to Church

Mary Hulst

Kevin M.
December 8, 2008

Great thoughts on this movie Mary! This movie definitely messed with my mind (for many of the reasons that you listed and some others:) May the unconditional love of God flow freely through us all today!

December 9, 2008

Good start, Mary! This makes me think of all the times I've felt like I WAS the blow up doll in church...and of the the people who aren't at my church anymore because they were treated like freaks instead of lost children of the Master. We humans are slow learners.

K. Kragen
December 10, 2008

renting it to watch with our home study group called "etc. group"
can't wait. Thanks for the heads up

Matt B.
December 12, 2008

I read your posting on this so I picked it up and my wife and I watched it last night. What a great movie; it definitely brings to mind the question of whether or not the church I attend (or even me) would be so accepting. I would like to think so, but in all honesty, doubt it. What are we so afraid of when it comes to things that are outside the norm and how do we overcome our impulse to shun or run and just accept and love? Definitely something we should be striving to do. I just wish it were a lot easier! =)

Thanks for sharing this!

December 14, 2008

Maybe thats why I don't go to church . I can't find one like that. Where's the true church in are hearts?Should I just go to any church and just share myself?

December 23, 2008

I loved this movie too!!! When I first heard the premise of it, I though it was going to be another stupid movie with too many sex jokes and dumb humor. What I found, though, was a very touching drama about how we should treat people--- plus a lot of fun humor!!

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