Louis C.K. is not a good person

Craig Mattson

Craig Mattson
May 21, 2015

Louie C.K.'s comedy often functions as confession, but it's equally instructive as an act of concession.

Nate Fleming
May 25, 2015

Good article. I like Louis C.K, but I can only take so much of him at a time because he typically either goes much farther than I'm willing to endure (see the SNL monologue), or he just depresses me with his realism, or what you call his tragic humanism. I was on a trans-Pacific flight recently and watched one of his standup specials. I enjoyed it, but tried to watch a second and found that he exhausted me with his cynical point of view.

But I do appreciate your perspective on his comedy, and your attempt to watch LCK Christianly.


Kevin Schut
June 2, 2015

Great analysis. As someone who continually confesses to just about everything, including things I'm not really responsible for (I hear this is a Canadian thing), I totally jive with this part of Louie C.K. The thing I'm always a bit hesitant about is whether he *goes* anywhere with it. Acknowledging our weakness is a necessary first step to improvement, but it's of questionable value if no improvement actually occurs after that, right? Theologically, that's the God part, of course, but it's still worth pointing out that acknowledging guilt is pretty incomplete--even if it's good and important.

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