Ministered by the MCU

Tasha Jun

Tasha Jun
July 29, 2021

A pandemic diary of Marvel movie watching reveals how superhero stories can speak to the soul.

November 6, 2021

All the marvel MCU movies are based on mocking God and making him look like a madman of malevolent rage, where the human race is the good guy and must prepare to fight him in the last battle. Remember, the avengers are beings with exceptional powers that unite to fight battles to save humanity from "evil" beings that come from outer space. In this perspective, if you pay attention to the dialogues of many marvel movies including Thor, guardians of the galaxy, the avengers, endgame, eternals, etc you will clearly understand the reference and mockery they make between God the father, jesus christ, antichrist, etc, all to prepare humanity to fight against God in the last battle.

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