Miranda Sings and the many faces of narcissism

Craig Mattson

Craig Mattson
June 4, 2015

Colleen Ballinger’s Miranda Sings YouTube videos are a selfie-stick, capturing Miranda’s narcissism, and ours.

Samuel Bright
June 5, 2015

It is nice to know that in the midst of imagery, someone can still Speak. Thank you.

Brandi Gaskins
August 24, 2016

I personally think she is a bad influence on her very young audience. While the character never comes out and says that her uncle molests her, it's obvious by the comment section that her viewers get the "jokes" about her uncle. She also jokingly "prays" for those other "sinner" Youtubers that she often collabs with. I have seen videos of her during her tour with audience members as young as 9, and while I think that a teenager can responsibly watch her, I think that 9 is way too young for her type of humor!

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