Moral Reckoning on ‘Mad Men’

Josh Larsen

August 19, 2010

I did not read Freddy's return as so hopeful or "fresh." I think he's an indicator of the more, er, sober tone of this season, but the way he treats Peggy so condescendingly when she rightly calls him old-fashioned makes him just seem pathetic and washed up in a new way.

August 22, 2010

Don is having a hard time keeping up his impressive public persona. His fatalism and self-loathing seem to be creeping into his interactions with other people. In the episode when he want to California, Anna said to him "I know everything about you and love you anyway." Freddy has found the courage to admit his failure. Maybe Don will as well. I blogged on "Sex, Lies, and Don Draper" on my Sinema7 blog if anyone is interested: http://sinema7.net/2010/08/sex...

August 23, 2010

I'll say this there is know order there so it is no god in them so how can we as a socitey even think that it can be fix not unless all surrender to god a family that prays together stay together they are consider a family tv show it takes more then one to get it to gether they suppose to pull together as a whole i could not vote or really share light on none of them all through i have not seen the show ... but reading it is enough for me not being judgemental but it seem like a mess too me they just need to hang it up it sound like a big mess to me it funny how money can cover nonsense...but if you are broke that will be the news of the century... we all need to pray for our people as they are loss and so sad with all that these people have it's still not enough as most of them live reckless lives may the peace of god be with them amen.

August 23, 2010

by the time they will have hit the '70's (get out the daisies and Peter Max), they will have retired, if I'm guessing their ages correctly---

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