Seeking Salvation in Squid Game

Zachary Lee

Zachary Lee
October 17, 2021

Although economic disparity is at the heart of the violent Netflix series, the show also recognizes wealth as a false idol.

January 6, 2022

ZACHARY. HOW could you write an article about Christianity and Squid Game without mentioning ALI?? He was the only player in the squid games who was there through no fault of his own. His boss refused to pay him for his work and he had a family to provide for. Ali sacrificed his own life to save Lee's in the first episode when they were still strangers! Ali's death was the most heart wrenching of them all, because he trusted his fellow man and was betrayed by him. COME ON.

Zachary Lee
January 11, 2022

Hi Katherine! Thank you for reading. You bring up a good point and Ali's death gets me every time. There's a version of this piece that focused more on individual characters and the different ways they embodied facets of the Gospel. Ultimately though, I decided to focus and analyze on the show as a whole, drawing on its central themes of money as salvation. But great point and perhaps for a (hopefully inevitable) season 2, there is an opportunity to write about the great work Anupam Tripathi did as Ali (perhaps through flashback scenes! We can only hope...)

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