'Survivor' and the importance of communion over competition

Kristy Quist

May 13, 2011

Great posts.  Honestly, I was shocked at how well Proust handled it.  

I have spend years working for myself and so rarely really get into all that many office disagreements, but listening to my wife and her friends talk about office politics makes it clear to me that there really are few places where Christians can be a stronger witness, than in the midst of office politics.  Unfortunately in a lot of the cases I know if, it is actually the Christians that seem to have the least amount of trust of others, the most insider haggling around issues, and in results I have heard a number of non-Christians explicitly say, they want nothing to do with the church if 'those people' are an example of Christians.

A previous boss of a friend uses to routinely read scripture and pray during staff meetings (at a public school) and at the same time stab people in the back left and right.  Yesterday, a homeless man was outside banging on windows screaming for a teacher friend of mine.  The school was locked down and the police called.  The man ran away and police didn't find him. It was important enough that the school was locked down, the police called and all recesses were canceled.  But not important enough that the principal or any other official person told the teacher what it was about or that it was her that the guy was screaming about. (This teacher happens to be a childhood friend of the daughter of the principal and has known her all her life.)  That (very common in this situation) level of disrespect says much about what priorities really are.

I know lots of good bosses that are Christians and lots of good bosses that are non-Christians.  My point though is that most of the Christian bosses that I know that are bad, view their job as a calling.  What they forget is that the calling is not the result of the work, it is the doing of the work.  So we hold people to arbitrary and unimaginable goals because it is God's work and ignore the fact that the workers are killing one another.

Stephen Hale
May 13, 2011

Both the article and the comment by Arshield are great. Important things for me to remember.


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