Talking Science and Faith with Morgan Freeman

Mike Beidler

Mike Beidler
March 6, 2017

A Christian scientist makes the case for faith on Morgan Freeman's The Story of God.

Jim Deck
June 27, 2017

Consider patrons viewing the work of a famous artist at a gallery. Some of those patrons will be looking for the message that the artist has provided while another group, perhaps amateur artists themselves , will be trying to determine the techniques the artist used in this particular work. Members of both groups will recognize different facets of the artist’s talents. Faith and science are somewhat akin to that situation. Those who are science-oriented will look at Creation and ask how while those of faith will ask why. In His wisdom, God has blessed some with an active curiosity about how and provided intriguing puzzles for them to solve. For the faithful, He has provided His Word and given answers to some of their why-related questions. Thus members of both groups can come to an appreciation of their Creator from a different point of view.

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