Tattoos and resurrection

Paul Vander Klay

April 26, 2012

BEAUTIFUL, Paul. Simply brilliant. I have one tattoo and plan to get one more to commemorate my recent baptism (when I have the funding - these things are expensive!). Thanks to your reflection, I have another beautiful thought to associate with my tattoo(s), especially one that symbolizes dying and rising with Christ.

On a more theological note, I'm infatuated with the idea that Jesus forever bears the scars of the cross. For me, it is the revelation that God has not only defeated death, but that God has taken death "up into" Godself, thus leaving no distance or separation between God and humankind.

Paul Sherratt
April 29, 2012

A very interesting piece Paul yet I have trouble equating the idea of physical scars with psychological scars in the case of Christ; as a practicing Jew the act of permanent body art would be repellent to Him.

Neil Byce
May 23, 2012

I really appreciated this article.

As a devout follower of Christ this really spoke to me. I have two tattoos that express my devotion to Christ. One is a Jerusalem Cross shield and another a family emblem with a cross in it. I plan on getting others that represent struggles that God has brought me through and it represents to me the journey God has taken me on.

Len Hjalmarson
April 12, 2016

No tatts here, but have thought about it. As an aging prof, it might be one way of identifying with my students! But I've also wondered about that John 20 revelation - Jesus carrying the scars into his renewed body. I've wondered if this is a memorial of his vulnerability - another way of identifying with the brokenness of the world. If so, it would be less a justification for body marking (the issue would have to be solved theologically elsewhere) than another testament to his embrace of humanity.

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