The Curious Persistence (and Religious Relevance) of Bee Movie

Jake Raabe

Jake Raabe
January 8, 2018

The Internet's ongoing devotion to Bee Movie both satirizes and affirms our universal religious impulse.

Pieter VanderBrug
March 9, 2018

I would have to disagree with what you are saying. Just because millennials and even younger people have a absurd addiction to the Bee Movie doesn't mean that we are worshipping. My generation, as a 16 year old, and millennials are just weird. We are not worshipping the Bee Movie. We are just strange people.

Abbey Preston
November 14, 2018

I would have to disagree with the statement that you are making. I do believe that millennials are growing up in an era where we are constantly being exposed to new trends and the latest upcoming phenomenons. We often become somewhat "addicted" to theses trends and fall into a pattern of constantly replaying them. However, this "addiction" that we feel for them is not the same thing as love. Having genuine love for someone means dropping everything to help them and be there for them no matter what. This is a concept that we have taken from God and acted on in our own lives leading to a greater purpose of worship. Because we have so much love for God, we will praise him above everything else, and drop everything to be one with him. This is not capable with the Bee Movie. As much as millennials love it, it's not something that we can show true, genuine love to, and completely praise and worship above all things.

November 14, 2018

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