The Dark Vision and Faint Hope of HBO’s Westworld

Josh Pease

Josh Pease
November 3, 2016

In Westworld, a pleasure-filled, consequence-free theme park produces mostly sadists.

Gerard Scott-Herridge
November 4, 2016

Good write up that makes me desire to see how "the maker"...(There is a legend, central to the plot, about the park’s co-creator. While the details are vague, it seems he grew to love the androids and despaired of what would happen to them in such a cruel world. And while this co-creator died, somehow he is still shaping and influencing Westworld’s ultimate end. He seems to want to liberate the hosts from slavery and set the oppressed free. The hope in Westworld right now is that this co-creator is also the park’s savior, and that his redemptive purposes are still at work. This is Westworld’s hope. And, of course, it’s our hope too.) .... integrates in ideology within this framework of decadence. Too see how this integration occurs..... subtle, dramatic or denuma , is my deepest desire now. Thx again.

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