The Ecclesiastes Wisdom of A Star is Born

Sarah Welch-Larson

Sarah Welch-Larson
October 11, 2018

As a musical melodrama that understands time (and fame) as a cycle, A Star is Born echoes the enlightenment of Ecclesiastes.

Arturo Leon
January 31, 2019

It seems that the writer of this article tried too hard to find Biblical references throughout the movie.

Jeffrey Rush
January 31, 2019

Elliott’s character was jacks brother. A significant point in your otherwise excellent article.

Josh Larsen
TC Staff
January 31, 2019

Thanks Jeffrey. We left that intentionally vague because we didn't want it to be a spoiler. (Their relationship isn't immediately explained in the movie.)

Gene Wood
January 31, 2019

I saw this movie just a few days ago. I was really blown away by the performances of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. I knew of Mr Coopers acting ability and I’ve enjoyed his movies thus far. I haven’t been a fan of Lady Gaga’s style of music as I’m not a big pop fan, but her abilities astounded me. Apart from a wonderfully soulful voice, strong, captivating, believeable, her acting was a lovely surprise. I was blown away even more so after watching the credits and learning just how much each of these two young talents had to do with writing, producing, and singing the music. I’m more of a fan of each of these artists than I was prior to watching the movie. Your article was a great look at the movie through the lens of Ecclesiastes, and I enjoyed your comparisons.

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