Warped Belief in The Handmaid’s Tale

Sarah Welch-Larson

Sarah Welch-Larson
June 18, 2021

Season 4 dramatizes the challenge of remaining faithful in a place where faith has become a tool of oppression.

Cynthia Hampton
June 21, 2021

I just watched the season finale a couple days ago. I found it sad that June was driven by revenge. However, I do understand the mentality since I am a former cult member (Jehovah's Witnesses). Many of those who leave the cult are hell bent on destroying it when they have realized they were deceived. Many spend a lot of time figuring out what they can do as an "activist" to destroy the Watchtower. Forgiveness is not on their agenda. Yes, they were abused and mistreated. Their families have disowned them, but they think the only way to get justice is to destroy the cult and its leadership. They have not allowed themselves time to heal and to move past the pain. Instead, they harbor the pain and resentment because they feel empowered by it. It's a sad state to be.

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