What Christian leaders can learn from Star Trek

Brian Atkinson

March 19, 2012

I think we could also learn from another of Kirk's legendary life lessons: I don't believe in no-win situations.

In the final simulator exercise Spock developed for Federation Academy students, which he had specifically designed to test their mettle in command during a "no-win" situation where some sort of costly sacrifice would have to be made for the sake of survival, Kirk made himself a legend for reprogramming Spock's program prior to the exam in order to engineer a way out of a seemingly impossible situation--all for the sake of proving this point: "there are always options" (to quote his successor, Jean-Luc Picard, in Star Trek: The Next Generation).

In the Christian worldview, there are always options because God is always sovereign. We serve a God who is always on His throne, a God who never falls asleep on the job, a God who points the way through no-win situations and says, "With the world this is impossible, but with Me, all things are possible."

I don't know if James Kirk knew this God, but I'm sure glad I do.

Clay Morgan
April 3, 2012

Love me some Star Trek. I saw that Forbes article and enjoy the way you bring it through here. In the past couple weeks between reading these 2 pieces, I've decided to blow something up that I've developed for years. The time is right, and the Enterprise from Star Trek III is the perfect analogy.

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