What good are horror films?

Andy Rau

September 24, 2009

Its still wrong it says in the Bible that we should guard our eyes,ears and mouths because we are spirit beings and whatever we watch, say, and hear effects the spiritual world as well as you in the naturale.

Remember to Guard your eyes, ears, and mouths if its not Godly, then its not of God.

Also whatever we whatch stays with us! Thats how the Devil invents Nightmares, and they give leeway to Evil Spirits.

To Give you the sam Bad Dreams agin, its not good for the spirit, its impure and the lord hates evil! These films Glorify evil there will be none in Heaven.

so keep your spirit clean and filled with the word and may your eyes be on Heaven.

September 25, 2009

I can't think of any way to exploit the horror genre for spiritual ends, and that includes the "fire and brimstone" genre. I remember on a church youth retreat about 40 years ago, we found we had a dud of a movie about the high school football captain "Duke" and his girlfriend Rhonda getting drunk and lying together in a barn that caught fire. We called it "The Burning Barn" thereafter. Occasionally, a really well done horror film, which doesn't lay it on too thick, can be acceptable entertainment, but most are a waste.

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