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Josh Larsen

Josh Larsen
April 27, 2021

Alongside fellow fans, we consider pop culture with grace, appreciation, and discernment.

Valerie Green
May 6, 2021

I have a question: Is it wrong to watch paranormal reality shows? I don't believe in ghosts. Jesus, and ONLY Jesus, came back from the dead. I'm just asking. Please let me know, and I will stop watching paranormal shows.
Thank you.

Josh Larsen
TC Staff
May 7, 2021

Hi Valerie,

Thanks for your question. I wish I could give a direct answer, but here at TC we don't set out to declare what pop culture is "approved" for Christians and what isn't. Instead, we hope to help you in your own personal, faithful discernment process. Unfortunately we haven't written about paranormal reality shows yet - we'll have to get on that! In general, though, I tell people if something they've watched or listened to seems to be a stumbling block in their walk with Christ, then it's best to leave it out of your pop culture diet. For a few more thoughts on discernment, here's a post written by my colleague, Jordan An: https://thinkchristian.net/how-should-christians-engage-with-pop-culture

Andrew Basden
April 12, 2022

Hi Josh,

I've just come across thinkchristian.net. Thank you for it. I appreciate the attempt to think Christianly about various media, arts and games from a Christian perspective. Especially the latter!! I like your strapline "No such thing as secular"! And I like the fact that theology does not dominate. I suppose that is because of your Reformed standpoint.

You may be interested in a new site called "christianthinking.space" which complements yours. Might you be interested in engaging with each other?

Whereas your site seems to consist of many articles, cts is a space where Christians can think things through systematically, and especially rethink things. We too take some kind of reformed standpoint, seeing Christ as rightful Lord of all Creation spheres.

Our first attempt was economics, after the 2020 BBC Reith Lectures, which you can see on:


and now we have just begun discussing and rethinking artificial intelligence, from the 2021 Reith Lectures. e.g.

Compared with your site, our site may be a bit shabby, but at this stage we are focusing on content; some day we will invest in a look-and-feel!

12 April 2022

Josh Larsen
TC Staff
April 13, 2022

Thanks for sharing, Andrew.

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