What Should Christians Watch on TV?

Rachel Syens

Rachel Syens
April 12, 2021

Christian discernment goes beyond what you watch. It's also about how you engage with it.

Craig Douglas
April 30, 2021

Christian discernment may go "beyond" what you watch, but it certainly _begins_ with "what you watch."

In my many years of Christian ministry, I have noticed that discernment is one of the areas most Christians struggle with (or lack). If our minds are not being renewed daily by the Word of God, there is little to no chance that our viewing habits will consist of wise, godly choices.

What I find troubling about this article - with all respect to the author and her well-written piece - is that many will likely read it and see it as a justification for watching trashy shows. "Great, I'll just make sure I believe this steamy sex scene is truly loving." We are called to no longer conform to the pattern of this world, and I believe that must begin with what we allow our eyes and minds to consume.

I remember how uncomfortable I would get if my parents were in the room when something less-than-wholesome came up on TV. If the Holy Spirit dwells in us, and Jesus is present with us wherever we go, how do we - or how should we - feel when unwholesome (unholy) things are presented in whatever media we are enjoying?

I agree that discernment is personal, and what may be okay for you may not be okay for me. But we need to be careful that we don't use that as an excuse to watch whatever "feels good" to us.

Isn't it time for Christians to stand up for what is right instead of accepting everything the world offers as if it does not and can not offend our Holy God?

Rachel Williams
October 6, 2021

Well said! I absolutely agree. Some things are just wrong no matter how you cut it!

Dave Roberts
July 29, 2022

I believe there is nothing wrong with Christians watching TV, in my humble opinion there is not a lot worse than the 6pm News, our news a couple of nights ago, first seven items, five shootings, one rape and one stabbing, it does not get much worse than that, most of us watch the news which to me is a modern day live Horror Show, we just have to watch with an adult attitude and either turn your head away or hit the mute button when inappropriate scenes occur.

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