What would your marriage look like on HGTV's 'House Hunters'?

Jerod Clark

Mari-Anna Frangen Stalnacke
October 18, 2011

O, this was a delightful post! Thank you! Utterly refreshing. Here's to hope that Christian faith would affect all we do. BLESSINGS!

October 19, 2011

I watch House Hunters International also. That, too, provides an interesting window to view things other than the actual homes. Typically, the international real estate agents have trouble finding suitable "American-style" homes with "American-sized rooms" and "American amenities." I wonder if the North American buyers know how patronizing they sound as they repeatedly comment "The rooms are a bit small" or "I need a dishwasher" and "The fridges are really tiny here in Denmark, aren't they...."
Our privileged status and focus on "size" really becomes glaringly obvious and embarrassing. But, I keep watching HGTV and that says something about me, too, I guess.  :-(

Adam McLane
October 24, 2011

Well, maybe it's the producers making it seem that way. Hate to break it to you... and this makes the show more of a sport to watch... but I read on a number of blogs that the show is actually shot AFTER the couple has bought the house and before they've moved in. In other words, the sport isn't to discover which house they are going to buy as per the show, it's can you tell by their mannerisms which house they've already bought. :)

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