Why aren't Christians writing great literature?

Andy Rau

September 1, 2009

I was scouring the internet for a site that would publish the article I had written, but nowhere did I find a spot for it. Everyone wants to publish articles about "beauty, fashion, fitness, and so on, Even the Christian sites! I found NONE that got to the meat of the matter, SALVATION! That is what we should all be writing and blogging about! The time is drawing nearer and we as Christians have an obligation to God to get His Word out any way we can.

Yes, as the person stated above some writers were writing about "their" beliefs, but as long as they have the BIBLE SCRIPTURES to back them up and reference them in their article so that people will know their telling the TRUTH, then that is what we as Christian writers are supposed to do. Get back to what God tells us to do and SPREAD HIS WORD and tell people of His PLAN of SALVATION.

if I could find a site to write for people would see. The sites I have come across don't want this kind of article, they say "no opinion pieces". So to me that says for the Christian sites, if you aren't a Bible scholar, or preacher (an expert) in the field of theology with nothing but FACTS, they don't want your articles.

This is why there is no Good Christian Literature, because the "world" is dictating what we can write. Given the chance I would submit my article and you would see an article that gets down where the rubber meets the road on Salvation.

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