Why Maurice Sendak should be next to your kids' story Bible

Caryn Rivadeneira

May 10, 2012

One day my children will have children. When they do I will be able to read them the same "Where the Wild Things Are" that their grand-dad, my husband, read when he was a little boy; the same one I read to their fathers. It will be old and monster-chewed; and maybe it smell like a Wild-Things forest by then. I will read them some books by one my favorite philosophers, Dr. Seuss. To paraphrase that the good doctor, A truth is a truth no matter how small. Some picture books are full of small truths that reveal God is big ways because He has written eternity in the hearts of writers and artists, some of whom may not even realize He is the source.

Catherine Burton
May 11, 2012

Beautiful article. Like I said when I heard of Mr. Sendak's passing, so many children were empowered to tame monsters because of Max, so thankful for good children's books. So sad at his passing.

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