Why Whisper may not be the best way to share secrets

Kory Plockmeyer

Josh Larsen
TC Staff
January 13, 2014

I've been reading Francis Spufford's Unapologetic (look for a forthcoming TC post that touches on the book in detail), and one of the things he talks about is how we respond to our realization that we're broken beings. In regards to confessing our sinfulness to one another, as Whisper somewhat allows, he says this:

"...there's a limit to what we can do for each other, a limit to how much of each other's (fallibility) we can ever manage to bear - even just to bear to hear about - while it often feels as if there's no limit to how far or how long the ripples of our multitudinous (sins) can keep traveling, or how intricately they can go on colliding and encroaching and causing collateral damage in other lives."

Spufford goes on: "So one thing we do instead ... is to turn towards the space where the possibility exists that there might be someone to hear us who is not one of the parties to our endless, million-sided, multigenerational suit against each other."

As you suggest here, Kory, we can turn to God.

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