Culture At Large

A Christian call for urban design intervention

Josh Larsen

Mel McGowan of Visioneering Studios says North Americans live in an autopia – a landscape conformed to serve cars. Does this fall in line with God’s calling to live in community? McGowan explores the issue – and offers a path toward “urban design intervention” - in this video from the 2011 Q Ideas conference.

A few questions to consider after watching the video:

  • Does McGowan’s description of autopia ring true to you? Does your church have “an ocean of parking that sits empty six and a half days a week?”
  • McGowan suggests such a lifestyle can be spiritually impoverished. How so? Are there any spiritual benefits?
  • Do you agree with McGowan’s suggestions for how we can renew “space and place?”
  • Is there such a thing as “God’s architecture?” What does it look like?


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