A Tribe Called Quest's Prophetic Vision

Ted Williams III

Ted Williams III
February 9, 2017

On 'We the People,' A Tribe Called Quest prompts Christians to ask if our vision for redemption truly includes everyone.

Likewhyz Blest
February 10, 2017

Yes the question most critical to my thinking here is, "Who are the people?" And another question springs up before that one can even really be legitimate, "Which people?" because there's no shortage of culturally unique, distinctly motivated, and spiritually consecrated definitions that compose the song a people sing in their hearts & blood to define themselves. Since we are talking, and thinking Christian particularly from the western theological curve which although one with all other professed Christians is yet a perspective nearly hijacked by pluralism; the idea/worldview that we can achieve spiritual oneness with God through multiplicit often self-defined ways combined from various worldviews. So are we not only Galatians 5:22 producing Christians, but also Jeremiah 8:11 enduring? Peace and justice have very loosely binded terms in the mind that justifies it's self by one's own merits. I also grew up directly under the influence of Native Tongues & NY Hip-hop culture, but have learned not to be lead by it because the definitions of peace & justice that it comes to terms with apart from Christ ultimately end in death. Respect to the pioneers, but all glory to God_

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