Adele’s Sneakily Spiritual Soul Music

Sarah Welch-Larson

Sarah Welch-Larson
November 30, 2021

On 30, the singer continues to embrace a tradition rooted in gospel and evocative of scripture.

March 17, 2022

I’ve always liked Adele’s music. When I became a new born Christian Lauren Dagle reminded me so much of Adele’s sound. I’m so happy to know Adele’s background now. Makes me happy.

Brianna Monique
April 8, 2022

Um, what about the song where she said she gave church a try and God didn’t work for her. I love Adele. I see the points this article makes, but understanding how much music can influence the mind, I wouldn’t encourage any believer to say it’s okay to listen to her. And her “Oh My God” song sounds like it’s bout adultery… if you really listen to it. “Oh I know that it’s wrong” she sings in that song, plus she isn’t calling out to God, she is taking his name in vain to an extent— calling on God without meaning to call on God. I bought the Album and I want to throw it out. I get the point of this website is to think Christian-like in a sane way. To be in the world and not of it, but for this particular article… I just can’t fully agree with it.

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