And the Oscar goes to … a nun?

Josh Larsen

Amy B
January 29, 2009

I was fortunate to see "Doubt" performed on stage with the fantastic Broadway actress Cherry Jones playing Sr. Aloysius. I don't think I breathed during the entire performance. All of it - the writing, and the acting - was utterly brilliant. I don't use that word lightly.

So when I heard they were making a film from the play, I had mixed feelings. I was thrilled to hear that Meryl Streep and Phillip Seymour Hoffman would be playing the two leads - they could not have picked two more excellent actors. But even still, would the movie be as good?

The movie WAS just as good. I think everyone should see this film. Both for its artistic genius, but also because it cuts at the core of one of the most basic aspects of being human - what we know and what we believe. Rather than answering any questions for you, it leaves you all tied up in knots - in a very important, humbling way.

February 5, 2009

Maybe I read to much into this, but after 30 years in law enforcement and now my active participation in the church, it can go both ways. We literally need to touch those who don't know Christ as their savior and here is the but. In todays society if you touch someone you can and will be sued, or turned over to the local police for assault. Churches now have to give training classes in abuse to clergy and lay persons, so they won't get into trouble or can in fact identify abuse happening in the church. Last but not least, this is a movie, played by actors who could care less about the church. Their only aspirations are to perform and grab whatever honors go with it. We as the ones who live for God and Christ Jesus need to be aware of what is going on around us. To report what happens and to respond to those who need our assistance. To touch someones heart for Jesus is to give them life eternal. I hope that anyone who sees this movie can understand that it is just a movie and not what happens in churches. In God's Grace John

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