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Atheism 3.0

Jerod Clark

I was reading an article from the Religious News Service talking about a new wave of atheism that isn't completely down on religion.  Make no mistake, the so called "Atheism 3.0" still denies the existence of God, but there is some respect for the values that come from believing in God.

Bruce Sheiman is the author of “An Atheist Defends Religion: Why Humanity is Better Off With Religion than Without It.”  He says his goal as an atheist is to build a better world and not tear down those he disagrees with.  He writes:

More than any other institution, religion deserves our appreciation and respect because it has persistently encouraged people to care deeply—for the self, for neighbors, for humanity, and for the natural world—and to strive for the highest ideals humans are able to envision.

Some will call it PR spin or whatever, but I do appreciate the sentiment.  While we disagree on a major, life changing, eternal issue, there is no need to be blatantly mean to one another.  Sounds quite Christian in terms of loving your neighbor instead of instantly condemning them.

What are your thoughts?  Are we, as believers too quick to judge non-believers instead of reaching out to them?  If someone wrote an article about "Christianity 3.0," what should it look like?

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