Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, and Policing Public Grief

Joel Mayward

Joel Mayward
January 5, 2017

In a social-media culture where death becomes a trending topic, how do we grieve well?

Kathy K
January 5, 2017

Michael Card had some excellent things to say about lament in his music and books about a decade ago. I think he was a decade or so ahead of the times and that may be the reason he suddenly lost popularity among the contemporary Christian music crowd.

January 6, 2017

Few years back I notice that everyone grieving the same person dying was actually taking away my own personal grief. It was just noise and I ended up feel very little, even if it was a person I looked up to and admired. However, I don't live on social media as much as did so I am able to feel grief the next time a celebrity dies.

Re policing grief: It is entirely possible to grieve for Syria, victims of terror and mourn the death of a celebrity. People really downplay how much celebrities mean to us, especially someone like me who is autistic and sees actors as their characters. Who has seen them in their most vulnerable and emotional moments. It makes me feel a closer connection to them. Even watching them be interviewed on late night chat shows reveals more about themselves to you. You get to find out who they really are.

As a child Lamentations was my favourite book of the Bible to read. My said it was all so depressing. I might re-visit those chapters, so I can learn how to lament again.

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